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Lavandula Vera essential oilDiscover the essence of essential oils with our premium Bulgarian Lavender, scientifically known as Lavandula Angustifolia. This remarkable essential oil is born from the unique climatic conditions of Bulgaria, where regular rainfall, well-drained loamy soil, and ideal air humidity converge to create the perfect environment for cultivating organic lavender oil from Bulgaria.

Our dedication to purity and quality is reflected in our pure oil, sourced directly from these Bulgarian fields. The exceptional Bulgarian climate facilitates large-scale cultivation, ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality Bulgarian essential oil. This natural abundance allows us to meet the growing demand for authentic, therapeutic-grade lavender oil.

Product Availability Price per kg CoA
Bulgarian Organic (bio) Lavender Oil Lot 1 800kg on request on request
Bulgarian Organic (bio) Lavender Oil Lot 2 400kg on request on request
Conventional Lavender Oil – Lot 1 Sold on request
Conventional Lavender Oil – Lot 2 Sold on request
Conventional Lavender Oil – Lot 3 500 kg On request on request
Organic lavender hydrosol(Lavender Water) Pre-order
Melissa Oil 7kg on request on request
White Yarrow 2kg on request on request


If you wish to purchase quantity less than 180kg(1 barrel) the price is negotiable.

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    bulgarian lavender oilBulgaria stands out not only as a major producer of lavender oil but also as a provider of unparalleled quality in essential oils. This tradition of excellence dates back to 600 BC, reflecting long-standing expertise in cultivating the finest organic oil.

    Historically, the oil has been cherished for its aromatic and therapeutic properties. Bulgarian lavender, in particular, is renowned for its purity and effectiveness. Beyond its traditional uses, the essential oil has been a key component in historical remedies, including treatments for lice. Its anti-inflammatory properties and natural bug-repelling qualities make this essential oil a versatile and valuable choice.

    Lavandula Angustifolia Plant Harvest and Essential Oil Extraction

    Lavender steam distillationThe harvesting of lavender plants, a crucial process in producing the finest essential oil, occurs between late June and early July. This period is critical, as the quality of the product begins to diminish if the harvest extends beyond ten days. Our meticulous approach ensures the highest quality of organic lavender oil produced in Bulgaria.

    During harvest, parts of the plant, including, leaves, and flowers, are carefully processed to extract the potent phytochemicals and bioactive compounds. This is what gives our Bulgarian lavender essential oil its exceptional purity and efficacy. While some producers may use machines for this process, the finest pure product often comes from plants harvested by hand with traditional sickles, preserving the integrity and essence of the Bulgarian lavender.

    When it comes to Lavandula Angustifolia essential oil extraction, the methods are more than two.

    The pinnacle of organic oil extraction is achieved through the steam distillation process, renowned for yielding the highest quality of essential oils. Notably, this is the very distillation method our company employs to produce the essential oil.

    In this process, plants are placed in a vat of boiling water. As they simmer for two to three hours, the natural substances within the plant are released into the steam. This steam then travels into a cooling chamber, where it condenses into droplets. These droplets are the essence of pure oil, capturing the full potency and therapeutic qualities of Bulgarian lavender.

    lavender plantOur company proudly produces Lavender Essential Oil from Lavandula Angustifolia, a species renowned for its robust scent and delicate herbaceous tones. This Bulgarian oil is celebrated for its exceptional anti-inflammatory properties.

    For clients interested in partnering with us, we specialize in the wholesale of Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil. Our 100% natural and CERES-certified organic oil stands out in quality and efficacy.

    Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

    The oil offers a multitude of benefits. Here are some key advantages:

    Prevents Cancer

    Research indicates that Lavender Oil, especially when combined with other bio-oils, may help prevent breast cancer, showcasing its anti-carcinogenic properties.

    Improves Blood Circulation

    Our organic product oil is known to enhance blood circulation. Studies suggest that the oil aromatherapy can improve coronary circulation and lower blood pressure, potentially reducing heart disease risks.

    Helps Digestion

    Organic Lavandula Angustifolia aids in digestion by increasing intestinal mobility and stimulating the production of bile and gastric juices. This can be beneficial in addressing various digestive issues, such as stomach pain and vomiting.

    Promotes Shiny Hair and Healthy Skin

    The oil is excellent for hair and skin health. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties can improve skin conditions like acne, age spots, allergic reactions, and reverse signs of aging.

    For hair care, the oil has been shown to promote hair growth in alopecia patients by up to 40% and is effective in treating hair loss, lice, and nits.

    Organic Lavender Oil Uses at Home

    Natural Perfume

    This oil serves as an ideal natural perfume, especially suited for individuals allergic to fragrant oils. This toxic-free oil, perfect for both men and women, can be applied directly to the skin, embodying the essence of pure oil.

    Body Lotion

    When combined with other relaxing oils like Frankincense Oil, Bulgarian Lavender Oil transforms into a luxurious body lotion. It not only softens the skin but also soothes inflammation and enhances skin health.

    Organic Air Freshener

    Lavender Oil is an excellent choice for a chemical-free, organic air freshener. Easily create your own spray with water, 1-2 drops of Bulgarian Oil, and a spray bottle, bringing the scent of lavender into your home.

    Natural, Non-toxic Lip Balm

    For sunburnt or chapped lips, the oil is a perfect remedy. Mixed with shea butter, jojoba, or coconut oil, it makes a superb, toxic-free lip balm. This same blend can also aid in healing sunburns on other body parts.

    Differences Between Organic Lavender Oil and Fragrance Oil

    bulgarian lavender plantComprising 100% natural ingredients, Lavender Oil is renowned for its healing properties, making it a staple in aromatherapy for mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

    In contrast, fragrance or perfume oils are synthetic and solely mimic the scent of essential oils. They lack the therapeutic benefits of our oil and can even cause allergic reactions and dry skin.